North Haven Group Six Sigma Training
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NHG offers two products that assist in the training process.

The first is NHG's own licensed course and training materials.

The second is NHG's Catapult.
NHG materials for Yellow, Green and Black Belt training provide an excellent basis for your company's Six Sigma program.

NHG can customize materials, integrating your company’s approach to Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma with examples from your own product and process applications.

The tailored course content is licensed for use in your company and for delivery by your instructors.

Contact NHG for details.
NHG’s catapult provides students with a portable model of an industrial process.

The Catapult allows six factors to be actively manipulated. Using distance as a response, the catapult can be used to demonstrate and reinforce numerous principles involving variation and design of experiments. In particular, it can be used to optimize a process from the screening stage to a response surface analysis.

Contact NHG for details.
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