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NHG provides consulting and support for Six Sigma quality programs to improve manufactured products and business processes.

In addition to Lean Six Sigma, NHG provides other services, and products, dealing with the application of statistical methods in manufacturing.

NHG Services include:
Data Mining
Lean Six Sigma
Instruction and Training
While Six Sigma focuses on improving product and process quality by finding and eliminating sources of variation, Lean/Flow Manufacturing focuses on eliminating waste from a disordered environment. Lean tools help companies create organization by placing sequential processes in a flow and delivering material to the point of use via kanban techniques. Excellent cost saving benefits are achieved through Lean/Flow Manufacturing, including reductions in lead-time, inventory and cost of quality, while improving productivity. Once implemented, companies see radical improvement.

Taken together, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing are a powerful combination. NHG and FlowVision, recognized experts in these two areas, have developed a joint Lean Six Sigma program. Our two companies have developed a program that stresses an initial high-level Lean/Flow implementation, followed by the combined use of Lean and Six Sigma techniques to increment and maintain the initial gains.

Please contact us for a copy of our deployment plan and for information on our two-day introductory workshop on Lean Six Sigma.
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