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Six Sigma Training
NHG conducts classes and workshops on Six Sigma, Design of Experiments, and other methods that support continuous improvement.

With FlowVision, NHG can assess the applicability of Lean and Flow concepts, scope implementations, determine requirements and estimate costs.

Our partner Pharogen supports International Business Strategy, Electronic Data Interchange, and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Talks and Presentations by North Haven Group

Multiple Optimization - The challenge in multiple response optimization is to find settings for multiple input variables that achieve desirable performance levels for one or more responses.

Partition In Six Sigma - Data mining refers to a collection of techniques used primarily to analyze large observational data sets. Unlike traditional “statistical” techniques, data mining methods do not utilize hypothesis testing for assessing model fit or decision-making. Data mining methods include neural nets, classification and regression trees, clustering algorithms, as well as other methods.

Data Mining and DOE - In both transactional and manufacturing Six Sigma situations, large observational data sets relating to the processes of interest are often available.

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